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ProfitPlus helps business owners make a success of their business.

Our experience, coupled with the most proven and tested Business Growth Planning systems can exponentially improve your business through helping you transform into a much more profitable enterprise, giving you the opportunity to create a highly profitable company or sell for a large sum of money. A Business Plan is an essential starting point in setting your goals and this is where ProfitPlus can help you.

We work with you to get to where it is you want to take your business and create a growth plan to get there through working on your sales and marketing strategies and building a high-performing, highly-engaged team turning your hard work into results.





  • Put your ideas into action and grow your business


  • Grow your profits and equity value​


  • Discover our powerful business modelling tools which will grow your sales conversion & revenue, reduce costs, improve cash flow, improve business performance...

  • Benefit from over 1,100 business strategies

  • Gain a plan that you can access through our online system where you can change and adjust your figures on an ongoing basis

  • Gain access to opportunities to grow your business with our business growth experts

“What was so brilliant about PlanningCLUB for us was looking at how simple changes to the business could improve our numbers dramatically.”


"Before working with ProfitPlus we struggled with keeping a healthy cash flow. After spending time planning and implementing our plan we have transformed our cash flow, doubled our gross profit and now know where we want to be in the future.

I would strongly recommend ProfitPlus' services to anyone that has a business that they want to see more success from."


"From the outside our business looked highly successful before we worked with ProfitPlus, but really we were working 80 hour weeks and not having any time as a family. Through the process of creating our plan we had so many 'light bulb' moments and we managed to plan our life back. We now only work 4 day weeks and have managed to plan 2 family holidays this year."


"We had a successful business that had been running 'just fine' for the past 20 years., that in itself was our problem. We had no direction and were becoming decreasingly satisfied with 'just fine'. Working with ProfitPlus is a great process that is both exceptionally challenging at the same time as being highly rewarding. We now have direction and focus and once again are feeling excited by our business and what we are going to achieve in our industry." 

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